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Art Deco Madeira

Art Deco City Market Building, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal - exterior view There are some interesting Art Deco buildings remaining in Madeira.





Here, for your pleasure are some photographs, mainly from the largest town in Madeira, Funchal, but also a few examples from some other towns on the lovely island of Madeira.

Art Deco poster for a cruise to Madeira  

Art Deco City Market

Dates from 1940

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal


The fruit market is in the form of a hollow square with an open central court yard. The fish market is immediately behind it.

The interior is rather plain, with some blue picture tiles.


Art Deco City Market Building, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal - on left of picture Interior view of the Art Deco City Market building in Funchal, Madeira from the Art Deco Madeira website.  

 Three shop fronts with the art deco lettering still remaining running up a steep hill near the market in Funchal town.

The middle shop sells knitting wool


Art Deco Villas in Funchal

Art Deco Commercial Buildings in Funchal



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Three shops with Art Deco shop fronts, exterior view, Funchal, Madeira

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